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My Flight

Hey Guys!

I am in America right now and everything is fine but my flight was the worst I have ever had! The first 6 hours went good! I sat nexto two really nice girls of my organisation and we talked about our familys and stuff like that. An hour before New York the pilot told us that we have to fligh around a storm. I thought we would be there in 2 hours but the flighttime kept going higher. When we were 20 minutes away from our airport the pilot did a second announcement. The runway was too short for our airplane. It was wet so it had to be longer. After a while he told us that we are allowed to land at JFK-airport. There we had to wait 4 long ours. The law didn´t allow us to board. The airspace was closed for every airplane for about 3 hours. The crew had contact to the airports in Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Frankfurt. The one in Philadelphia was closed so we had two options…Either flying to Washington and not being sure although we are allowed to board or waiting longer and flying to our actuall airport. The crew decided to fly to the one in New York. After they told us this we had to wait an other hour until we departured finally.

When we land in New York City we were all really happy. We passed the passport control and went to our hostel.

Short News


sorry guys! I wasn´t able to log in since today so I wasn´t able to post anything. I am going to write some more things the next days…